How to build an analytical Model

Business problems are the key components enabling the businesses to uncover potential issues and resolve them using analytics. The process to build an analytical model begins with defining the objective and scope enables to set a clear vision allowing the process to stay on track


How to check if a string is null, blank, empty or undefined using JavaScript?

Instead of using any library function, in this post we are going to learn how to check if a string is null, blank, empty or undefined with just one line instruction


How to check if a string contains a substring or not in JavaScript?

There are two methods in JavaScript to find if a string contains another string or not. The includes() method returns true or false after a search and indexOf() method returns index of a string or -1 if it does not find a match


How to use localStorage and sessionStorage in JavaScript?

World Wide Web Consortium or W3C introduced two storage object mechanisms to store data in the browser which are localStorage and sessionStorage objects


What is http cookie and how it works?

The HTTP protocol is stateless which means that the server does not remember about any response it sent to the user’s browser. It executes each request independently without knowing past requests that are already executed.


Main function in Python and how to use __name__ variable?

Most of the high level languages such as Java,C/C++ have special main method defined as the execution entry point. This tells interpreter where to start the execution of codes. Its like an entry point of a program.


How to setup alarm for CPU usage using IFTTT ?

Monitoring CPU and memory usage are one of the top todo checklist for a backend engineer. Sometimes you wont even notice when your server is down due to high CPU usage unless you login and manually check the system.


How to trigger a job or program from anywhere with a SMS ?

In this tutorial we are going to learn how we can trigger a job or program with just one SMS. For this tutorial we are going to use Twilio API for sending and receiving SMS.


How to get email alert when your website is down using shell and Python?

There are many ways to monitor and set alerts for your web server using third party apps but they don't come with free, be it Pingdom or Amazon's CloudWatch. In this post I am going to show how we can write and setup our own alert tool with just few lines of code


How to auto change desktop wallpaper every minute using Python

We are going to build a CLI app using Python to change desktop wallpaper every given number of minutes. Every wallpaper downloaded from internet will be unique and our app will change the wallpaper based on the time we set.


Files, Folders and Python

In this post we are going to see how we can use Python to find the size of any file and folder. We will check how many files we have inside a folder and how many of them are empty files and how to delete those empty files.


What is fork() system call and how to fork using Python

A process in computer term is a program being executed currently by a computer. Each process is unique and can be identified by its PID or process ID.


How to keep your computer awake using Python

lets write a Python script with just few lines of code to keep our computer awake all the time. In this post, we are going to write a CLI script to keep our computer awake.


How to access Google Sheets using Python and gspread

In this post I am going to show how we can access and update Google spreadsheet using Python and an excellent library gspread. With just few lines of codes we can create a new or use existing sheet and do the operation such as add, update or delete


How to manage background processes in Linux

If you are new to Linux operating system and you start a command or process using terminal/session, you must have noticed that you need to wait till a process or command get finished before starting another command.


How to monitor CPU utilization in Linux

Monitoring CPU utilization is one of the very important tasks of a back-end system engineer. CPU utilization is nothing but the total works or tasks being processed by your central processing unit or CPU


How to schedule and manage tasks using crontab

Crontab is short form of cron table. The cron is a utility available on all Linux and Unix operating system that runs a task or process at a given date and time.


How to develop a Twitter bot using python and Nasa api

This is my first ever blog post and here I am going to share about a twitter bot that I developed in early 2018. The bot we are talking about is @Nasarobot . This bot tweets one beautiful astronomy image everyday using Nasa api.